UCSD Poli Sci Grad Council Wiki

Welcome to the department's grad student wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to allow all grad students to contribute feedback to specific improvements that are being made within the department. The first major project that the Grad Council is working on with the graduate coordinators is improving the website and making more information available to students, both current and prospective.

We've set up pages where we'd like you to add your suggestions about things you wish you had known at various stages in the program. These can be broad pieces of advice or specific suggestions about procedures or paperwork that needs to be done in a timely manner.

Advice to Incoming Students

Advice to First Years

Advice to Second Years

Advice to Pre-Prospectus Students

Grant Writing Advice

Advice to ABD Students

Field Work Advice

Job Market Advice

Advice for Making the Most of Conferences

The GSA Page!

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